Spanish tall ship, the Nao Trinidad

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BAY CITY, MI – Fans of historical sailing ships won’t be completely out of luck this year even though Bay City’s annual Tall Ship Celebration was canceled for 2022. A historical replica of a 1500s European ship is planning to dock in Bay City this month for special tours and photo opportunities.

The Nao Trinidad is set to arrive in Bay City on Aug. 18. The ship will be docking at Uptown at 1 E Main Street in Bay City and it is expected to stay open for tours until Aug. 21.

The ship is currently on the 2022 Great Lakes Tall Ship Tour.

According to the crew, she started the tour in Brockville Ontario in June and has been in a new port of call weekly in both Canadian and American ports. Now, the Trinidad and her crew are set to make a visit to Bay City.

“So far it has been a successful tour where we received more than 30,000 visitors and counting”, said captain Marcos Samper.

The Trinidad is a replica of the flagship of the Magellan-Elcano expedition that led to the first circumnavigation of the globe. Five ships departed as a part of the ‘Armada del Maluco’, led by explorer Ferdinand Magellan back in the 1500s. However, only two survived the voyage, one of which was the original Trinidad.

The ship was built by the Nao Victoria Foundation, which is a non-profit entity that specializes in building replicas such as the Trinidad and sailing them around the world for guests and visitors to experience a slice of history.

According to information provided by the Nao Victoria Foundation, the Trinidad is 93 feet in length, has a 26 foot beam, three traditional masts, and a bowsprit.

The height of the mainmast is more than 82 feet and it has five sails and five different decks, each built with exquisite craftmanship in Iroko, which is a tropical hardwood, and pinewood.

Nao Trinidad (photo by Nao)

This Trinidad has sailed to many different ports across the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic European Coast as a training vessel and floating museum, according to the foundation.

“She is a full-scale replica, faithful on her design and dimensions. More than a hundred artisans of the sea worked on her construction: such as ship carpenters, rope masters or naval engineers,” said a the foundation in a statement.

The Trinidad is a replica of a type of ship called a ‘Nao’, which was used first as cargo ships in Spain and then later became popular as exploration vessels.

Visitors to the Trinidad in Bay City will get a chance to tour the decks and see what life was like onboard this ship back in the 1500s. Visitors will also get to learn what it’s like for today’s crew as they live on a historically-accurate ship in the modern era by learning about things such as maneuvering and rigging.

Tickets to tour the ship at Uptown are $15 for adults, $5 for children ages, or $35 for families. The family package includes two adult tickets and up to two children’s tickets. Tickets can be bought onsite or online.

The Trinidad will be open for tours from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. each day of its visit from Aug. 18 – 21.

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