Mysterious 13-foot wide translucent sphere off coast of Turkey

Filmed by divers deep in the Meditteranean Sea off the coast of Fethiye, Turkey, this 13-foot wide translucent spehere has baffled everyone.

Watch Video Here!

The only credible theory yet put forward is that it might be a “Large Squid Egg” containing some 1-2 million eggs! Those small white dots are supposedly “squid eggs.” Yeah. I’ll believe ya when me shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet.

city of Fethiye, Turkey on the Turkish Riveria

Fethiye, Turkey is located along the Turkish Riviera on the beautiful Meditteranean Sea.

Feithye, Turkish Rivieria, Mediterranean Sea

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Turkish model Natalin Avci
hot Turkish model Natalin Avci


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