Mustard, the distant cousin of Broccoli, is popular all over the world. Even the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans loved mustard.

King Louis XI kept a pot of mustard with him at all times wherever he went.

These days, most of the world’s mustard crops are located in Canada and Nepal.

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There are many types of mustard: American Yellow, Dijon, spicy brown, hot, whole grain, stone ground, honey, horseradish, etc.

Yellow Mustard is invented in the lab. The particular shade of yellow to which mustard lends its name owes its hue not to mustard seeds themselves, but to the vibrantly colored turmeric added for an extra kick of spice and brightness.

National Mustard Museum

The National Mustard Museum, in Middleton, Wisconsin, boasts “more than 5566 jars, bottles, and tubes of mustard from all 50 states and more than 70 countries.”

Every year, they have the World-Wide Mustard Competition (WWMC) where 17 categories of mustard are tasted and scored. If you want to enter, you must submit 12 jars of your mustard.

Medals are awarded to the top three mustards in each category and a Grand Champion award will go to the best of the gold medal winners. Winners are typically notified by late April.

Mustard funny

What:          annual World-Wide Mustard Competition

When:         Monday, May 15, 2023

Where:        National Mustard Museum (7477 Hubbard ave, Middleton, WI)

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Mustard funny
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