Driftwood Museum (Bandon, Oregon)

Are you a modern-day hippie who likes to get high on dope and stare at cool things for hours?

Do you think that perhaps some pieces of driftwood resemble gnarled souls from Hades lost at sea for aeons?

Do inanimate objects sometimes speak personally to you, addressing you in distinct aristocratic British accents?

Driftwood Museum (Bandon, Oregon)

Well come on out to Bandon, Oregon and get your freak-fix on at the DRIFTWOOD MUSEUM inside the Big Wheel General Store.

Located some 4.5 hours SW of Portland, the area of Bandon, Oregon is legendary for having some of the most hardcore collectors of driftwood in the world. See the cream of the crop of their driftwood collections at the general store!

Driftwood Museum

inside the Big Wheel General Store

130 Baltimore Avenue

Bandon, Oregon

(517) 347-3719

Open: Monday-Sunday (9am-5pm)


Driftwood Museum (Bandon, Oregon)
Driftwood Museum (Bandon, Oregon)

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