Ming the Mollusk aka: Ming the Clam

Ming was the World’s Oldest Living Creature and Clam, an ocean quahog mollusk to be exact.

Ming was a happy little clam who was born in 1499 and lived many hundreds of happy little years until being brutally murdered by Welsh scientists from Bangor University when they discovered the clam in 2006 off the coast of Iceland and pried little Ming open.

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Ming’s Rings: 507 of ’em!

Older than Galapagos tortoises, bowhead whales and Great Lakes lake sturgeon, we know Ming the Clam died at 507 years old because of Ming’s Rings. Each ring on the clam is one year of growth and Ming had 507 rings. R.I.P. Ming! You were just too beautiful for this cold hard world!

Should tavern songs and toasts be made in old ass Ming’s honor? Should the Welsh scientists who killed Ming be put on trial at The Hague international criminal court for his murder? This reporter thinks it a sensible idea.

British article on Ming the Clam

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