M-16 Whiskey Decanter

Drink your whiskey in style out of the M-16 Whiskey Decanter!

This boroscilicate glass gun is an elegant decorative item to display in your home or bar.

Borosilicate glass is made by combining boron trioxide with silica sand, soda ash, and alumina. As a result, it’s more heat resistant than other forms of glass (ie: you can pour boiling water into it and it won’t crack).

The gun is completely hollow, allowing you to use it as an interesting decanter and fill it up with your favorite vintage of Whiskey, Wine, Scotch, Bourbon, or LSD.

M-16 Whiskey Decanter

4 handcrafted 15oz. glasses have 4 lead-free bullets lodged in the glasses. Bullets do not contain gunpowder.

This would make a great gift for: Groomsmen Gift- Best Man Gift- Wedding Gift- Graduation Gift- Father’s day gift- Birthday Gift- Anniversary Gift- and a- Gift for all Liquor, Spirit, and Coffee lovers.

Would also be enjoyed by combat lovers, veterans, and military enthusiasts.

Buy: M-16 Whiskey Decanter ($125.00)


M-16 Whiskey Decanter
M-16 Whiskey Decanter

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