Lazzarini Pangeos

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Lazzarini’s latest luxury boat is a gigantic terayacht, and the sheer magnitude of this reptilian-shaped beast will break your brain.

Titled Pangeos – named after Pangea, a supercontinent that existed roughly 300 million years ago – it will become the largest floating structure ever built.

This ocean-bound Death Star (with an animal-friendly exterior) will sprawl 550 meters long ad 610 meters wide, which for reference, is double the size of the Roman Colosseum. If those seem like big numbers, wait until you hear how many dollars it’ll take to construct it: USD $12 billion, according to the Italian-based company.

Lazzarini Pangeos

The unreal estate boasts space for several hotels, clubs, shopping malls, parks and even ports for smaller ships and aircraft to transport guests in style.

Furthermore, Pangeos is set to have numerous terraces, villas, and apartments, with some located on the rooftop shell and each side wing/turtle arm.

Underneath the living spaces, 30,000 “cells” will keep the vessel afloat with a belly made of steel. Powered by nine HTS electric engines (16,800 horsepower each) with solar panels on the roof, it could transport up to 60,000 guests at speeds of up to five knots.

Saudi Arabia has been rumored to host the construction, with designers earmarking a space at King Abdulla Port, 130 kilometres north of Jeddah as the ideal location. Moreover,  one square kilometer of sea would need to be dred2ged and a circular dam established before any build could begin.

If approved, the project is set to start construction in 2023, with a build time of eight years. To raise funds, a crowdfunding initiative has been set up, which allows you to purchase anything from a virtual entrance ticket to a VIP apartment NFT. However, if you want to own a home on the real thing, we suggest you start saving now.

Pangeos by Lazzarini


Lazzarini Pangeos
Lazzarini Pangeos
Lazzarini Pangeos

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