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A baker who made a giant cake sculpture of the Grinch this Christmas has been praised by the actor Jim Carrey.

He played the role in a film in 2000 and tweeted: “My ultimate goal is not just to be admired by my fans, but to be eaten by them.”

Lara Mason’s life-size Grinch cake

Lara Mason, 35, from Brownhills, West Midlands, England said he was one of her favorite actors and called it “an absolute dream come true”.

The gravity-defying model has had millions of views on TikTok.


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Mrs Mason said: “The Grinch is my all time favorite Christmas movie, so that’s why I chose him as my muse.”

She then revealed: “He’s also set me a challenge to make Ace Ventura next and I can’t turn down a good challenge.”

Lara Mason’s life-size Grinch cake

Mrs Mason, who is originally from Northern Ireland, said the sculpture was supported by a “complicated internal frame”, created by herself and her husband Nick Mason.

She said once the frame was made, slabs of cake were stacked on top, carved and covered in chocolate ganache and then layered with “modelling chocolate“.

She described it as “a mixture of chocolate and golden syrup that you can manipulate like plasticine – almost like a delicious edible clay“.

The cake itself was made from leftovers.

“Every time I have an order I make way more cake and icing than necessary in case anything goes wrong so all of the cake used for this was scrap,” she said.

When the cake is removed from display, she said it would be fed to the birds.




Lara Mason’s life-size Grinch cake

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