54,000-square foot, $25 million dollar Cannabis cultivation facility opening today (Lake Orion, MI)

Thanks to Dbusiness for this:

Society C, a cannabis company owned by Natrabis in Lake Orion, will open a $25-million dollar cultivation facility on Friday, September 10, 2021.

The 54,000-square-foot building, located at 4601 Liberty Drive South in Lake Orion, is located on a 5.5-acre site.

Society C states it is using a state-of-the-art Rhythm “fertigation” system to deliver a custom fertilizer recipe with precision, automatically, and on-demand via software that tracks and manages the health of approximately 20,000 of the facility’s plants throughout their entire growing cycle.

The fertigation system houses a built-in environmentally friendly plant run reclaim that operates in tandem with a $4 million state-of-the-art HVAC system to recapture condensation, run it through an underground filtration system, and recycle it into clean water to help irrigate each plant.

Society C’s all-inclusive operation has its own internal processing facility with a $2 million on-site lab, outfitted by Troy-based Precession Extraction, one of the largest, most technically advanced processing equipment manufacturers in the country.

The facility includes nine “flower” rooms capable of producing roughly 350 pounds Weekly. That’s 350lbs of natural, premium quality cannabis per week.

Society C, through parent company Natrabis and a combination of individual accredited investors and debt partner Advanced Flower Capital, secured over $25 million in investments to develop the new cultivation facility.

The company has hired its executive staff and is in the process of filling roughly 60 new positions from compliance officers and cultivation technicians, to administrative, packagers, and marketing and sales representatives.



4601 Liberty Drive South

Lake Orion, MI 48359

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