The Lake Express Ferry will take you from Muskegon, Michigan to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The 192-foot long high-speed ferry travels at 40 mph and it takes 2.5 hours each way to go across Lake Michigan.

Lake Express is a car, pedestrian, and motorcycle friendly ferry.

It can hold up to 250 passengers and 46 cars.

Lake Express Ferry

Known as the “Lake Michigan Shortcut“, the journey is 80 miles each way.

If you were to do this same trip by car, it would take 280 miles and you would have to drive through the always-hellishly-busy traffic of Chicago.

If you’d like to cross as a pedestrian, you can park your car at either terminal for $5.00 per day.

There are two types of passenger cabins: Classic and Premier.

Currently, the rates for an adult round-trip ticket are Classic ($165.00) or Premier ($211.00).

The Lake Express ferry transports over 100,000 passengers annually.

Lake Express Ferry

Lake Express Ferry Schedule


Lake Express Ferry Rates



Muskegon Terminal

1918 Lakeshore Drive

Muskegon, Michigan


Milwaukee Terminal

2330 South Lincoln Memorial Drive

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Lake Express Ferry
Lake Express Ferry

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