Lake Erie is known for its beauty and tranquility, but a dark, deadly undercurrent lurks beneath its surface. Bordering four states and two countries, the inland ocean offers the perfect getaway for criminals of all kinds.

The bandits who held up the Ashtabula National Marine Bank as well as Ontario’s most elusive con man used the lake to avoid capture. Pirate Joseph Kerwin relied on his knowledge of the shipping industry to evade the law.

Joseph Kerwin, the Erie Strangler

Narene Mozee’s murderer quietly slipped away on a luxury cruise ship after completing his heinous deed, and when a lighthouse keeper found a floating corpse in the shallows near his post, all signs pointed to the killer fleeing by boat.

Port Washington, Ohio based author Wendy Koile wades into the depths of this great but deadly lake. She works as an English instructor and the Director of Teaching and Learning at Central Ohio Technical College.


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Lake Erie Murder and Mayhem

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