Johnny’s Boat Propeller Service: A Detroit Boating Legend Since 1959!

Finished propellers ready to ship back to customer
Finished propellers ready to ship back to customer

Tucked away on the Lower Eastside of Detroit is a place that a lot of us have used, even if you don’t know it. Johnny’s Propeller has been around since 1959 and has serviced the Michigan boating community since they opened.

Johnny’s Propeller Service. Serving boaters since 1954

Originally started as Johnny’s Radiator, “the original Johnny got tired of paying someone to fix his propeller so he went out and bought the equipment to fix his own,” says Jason Graham an employee who has been servicing props at Johnny’s for over 12 years. “While Johnny died a while ago the business has stayed in the same family even today.”

Props ready to go back and some coming in

The shop located at 17307 East Warren Ave. is run by Brian Shue who has worked at Johnny’s for over 35 years. “We can handle propellers up to 54”. We get repairs from all over Michigan and even Canada. Johnny’s Propeller Service is the only repair shop in Michigan offering computerized propeller inspection with the Hale MRI. With MRI propeller analysis, we can create a detailed report of propeller condition and provide Johnny’s customers with a choice of different levels of reconditioning: restore to original; restore and adjust for operating condition; or restore and modify to optimize performance,” says Brian.

Jason Graham using the MRI to verify the specs on a propeller

In addition to the MRI, the Prop Press 360, allows Johnny’s to make adjustments and corrections to props that are not available using normal techniques (yes this involves a 16lb hammer!). You can be assured that Johnny’s Propeller will make your propeller straight and balanced.

Jason Graham adjusting a propeller

Also part of Johnny’s small but dedicated staff are Jermy King (17 years) and Jeff Jenich who is not just an employee but the owners son. Johnny’s Propeller is your one-stop-shop for propeller service. They accept walk in’s and work with most of the marina’s in the area. Odds are, if you have ever had your propeller reconditioned, they have done the work on it.

Jermy King works and hammers a propeller

Johnny’s Propeller Service should be your first stop for a new propeller.  Their massive inventory of new and hard to find propellers is pretty impressive in their new (at least the exterior of the building, thanks to someone making a left and crashing their car into the front of it at 55mph last year!). The stock room is stocked floor-to-ceiling with propellers. Check Johnny’s first for your next propeller!

Another warehouse view of Johnny’s propellers


Services include:

Straightening Blades





Diameter Reduction



Making some final adjustments

Johnny’s Propellers:

(313) 885-7496

Johnny’s Boat Propeller Service

17307 E. Warren Ave.

Detroit, MI 48224

Monday-Friday 8 a.m. –  5 p.m.

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