1.) Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (1987) Detroit’s Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell & co.!


2.) Cemetery Man (1994) bizarre Italian zombie movie

3.) The Beyond (1981) Lucio Fulci Italian zombie

4.) Dead Alive (1992) Peter Jackson (before he did Lord of the Rings) made the goriest movie of all time!

5.) Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things (1972) excellent zombie movie made by Bob Clark (the same guy who did ‘A Christmas Story’!)

6.) The Thing (1982) Kurt Russell battles aliens at an Antarctic research station!

7.) Brain Dead (1990) bizarre horror-thriller starring Bill Pullman

8.) Dead and Buried (1981) Stan Winston makeup

9.) Re-Animator (1985) HP Lovecraft’s story on the big screen

10.) Hard Rock Zombies (1985) one of the strangest movies ever made

11.) Burial Ground (1981) Italian zombie flick

12.) Return of the Living Dead (1985) excellent 80s zombie comedy

13.) Bad Taste (1987) Peter Jackson was into some weird shit!

14.) April Fools Day (1986) excellent murder mystery at island mansion

15.) Intruder (1989) excellent indie horror from Detroit’s own Scott Spiegel! While living in Los Angeles, a young Quentin Tarantino used to crash on Spiegel’s couch!

16.) The Ninth Gate (1999) unscrupulous book dealer Johnny Depp becomes entangled in a spooky Satanic web of treachery

17.) Return to Horror High (1987) witness a young George Clooney and a great murder mystery!

18.) Motel Hell (1980) “it takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincent’s tasty fritters”

19.) Curse of the Demon (1957) excellent B&W horror

20.) Hausu (1977) Japanese horror; one of the weirdest films of all time

21.) Biozombie (1998) excellent Chinese zombie movie!

22.) Death Bed: the Bed That Eats (1977) bizarre horror shot on Detroit’s Lower Eastside at the Gar Wood Mansion (450 Keelson Drive, Detroit, MI)!

23.) I, Madman (1989) excellent psychological horror; when books become real

24.) The Stuff (1985) sci-fi horror from Larry Cohen

25.) Night of the Creeps (1986) great horror comedy

26.) From Hell (2001) Johnny Depp in Whitechapel London, 1888, hunting Jack the Ripper

27.) Let’s Scare Jessica to Death (1971) superb psychological horror

28.) Dead Heat (1988) largely unknown horror comedy starring Joe Piscopo!

29.) From Beyond (1986) another crazy Lovecraft tale brought to the big screen

30.) The Changeling (1980) excellent ghost story starring Detroit’s own George C. Scott. Fun Fact: George C. Scott used to be an usher at Detroit’s Old Redford Theatre at Lasher & Grand River!

31.) Haunter (2013) creepy little chiller

32.) Rabid Grannies (1988) hilarious horror from those sickos at Troma

33.) The Asphyx (1973) photographing Victorian death spirits

34.) V/H/S 2 (2013) one of the best from the found footage horror genre


35.) Rec (2007) well-done found footage zombie movie from Barcelona, Spain

36.) Sinister (2012) excellent horror about true crime writer tracking an otherworldly serial killer

37.) The Thing (1951) excellent B&W sci-fi horror from Howard Hawks

38.) Phantasm (1979) the Tall Man comes for you!

39.) The Haunting (1963) possibly the best ghost movie ever made

40.) Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) classic 80s horror-comedy

41.) Dog Soldiers (2002) creepy unusual British horror movie

42.) The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988) bizarre true story of Harvard anthropologist Wade Davis encountering voodoo in Haiti

43.) House (1986) surreal haunted house flick

44.) The Gate (1987) two kids dig up ‘the gate to hell’ in their backyard

45.) The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014) found footage pseudo-doc worth a watch

46.) Paperhouse (1988) dark psychological horror

47.) Fright Night (1985) when vampires move in next door!

48.) Beast of Yucca Flats (1961) hilariously bad atomic sci-fi horror starring Tor Johnson

49.) Popcorn (1991) killer who wears others faces

50.) Mr. Boogedy (1985) hard-to-find Disney horror movie

BONUS (the list keeps growing):

51.) The Toolbox Murders (1978) ski-masked maniac kills apartment complex tenants in L.A. with the contents of a toolbox. Oddly well done.

52.) Megan is Missing (2011) Disturbingly graphic found-footage horror of two 13-year old girls who are kidnapped, tortured, raped and killed.

53.) Canvas of Blood (1997) Female violin prodigy’s dreams are dashed when her abusive boyfriend damages her hand. So, her pissed off father builds her a deadly new bionic hand!

54.) Frailty (2001) Gods Hands Killer string of murders. This movie is a sort of rural, supernatural Taxi Driver.

55.) Body Melt (1993) bizarre Australian horror sci-fi about a small town unwittingly forced to be guinea pigs for a new experimental nootropic drug called Vimuville

56.) Hell House LLC (2015) well-done documentary-style found footage horror about a group of kids setting up a commercial haunted house for the Halloween season inside an old and supposedly haunted hotel

57.) Dawn of the Mummy (1981) grade Z disco cannibal mummy horror shot in Egypt where a modeling shoot coincides with the awakening of an evil mummy

58.) The Cabin in the Woods (2011) horror comedy about appeasing the Ancient Ones below, replete with fun nods to Evil Dead and HP Lovecraft

59.) WNUF Halloween Special (2013) found footage horror film takes place in 1987 during a news special where paranormal investigators explore a haunted house

60.) Planet Terror (2007) gritty Texas zombie grindhouse flick with stellar cast

61.) Possibly in Michigan (1983) short 12-minute long cannibal horror musical from Cecelia Condit. One of the most bizarre films ever made.



62.) The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016) creepy supernatural horror film that will surprise you!

63.) Exorcist III (1990) Wow, this is an underrated gem! While investigating a string of brutal murders, Detroit’s own George C. Scott, makes a startling discovery.

64.) Crawl (2019) Claustrophobic, intense, trapped horror happens when pretty girl attempts to rescue her father during a Florida hurricane.

65.) Doctor Sleep (2019) Wow, this sequel to The Shining was far better than expected. Danny Torrance is all grown up, he joins forces with a young super-shiner named Abra to battle crazy cult called the True Knot.

66.) Terrified (2017) foreign horror from Argentina. Unusual film about how the supernatural realm can sometimes intersect with reality.

67.) Ghost Stories (2018) well done anthology horror film; some creepy moments, such as the demon house.

68.) Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015) Horror zomcom (zombie comedy); three boy scouts are forced to utilize their scoutness to save the world from zombies

69.) Legend of Hell House (1973) British supernatural horror; group of paranormal researchers stay in notoriously spooky haunted house in order to find what makes it tick

70.) The Pyramid (2014) found footage horror; archaeology crew discovers hidden pyramid and investigates; admittedly this film could’ve been better, however, intriguing concept overall

71.) 47 Meters Down Uncaged (2019) survival horror; claustrophobic tension nicely achieved; group of girls scuba dive sunken Mayan city in Mexico, what could go wrong?

72.) The Banshee Chapter (2013) found footage horror/sci-fi/drug movie; young man experiments with drug and finds out the hard way that it turns people’s brains into a receiver for dangerous otherworldly entities

73.) Case 39 (2009) supernatural horror; good samaritan social worker encounters more than she bargained for

74.) Pandorum (2009) awesome cerebral sci-fi horror; two crew members awaken from hyper-sleep on a spaceship to find all is not well

75.) Parents (1989) A young boy living in 1950s suburbia suspects his parents are secretly cannibals.

76.) The Tingler (1959) William Castle classic starring Vincent Price as an obsessed pathologist who captures a strange parasitic creature that feeds on human fear

77.) The Houses October Built (2014) found footage horror; five friends are seeking the ultimate haunted house scare experience, and who knows, maybe they finally found it

78.) As Above, So Below (2014) found footage horror; urban explorers uncover hellish secrets below the city of Paris

79.) Cold Comfort (1989) Canadian psychological horror; wow, was unprepared for how dark and twisted this is; deranged Manitoban tow truck driver kidnaps traveling salesman as a human toy for his 17yr old daughter to play with at their remote house in the middle of snowy nowhere

80.) Deadstream (2022) found footage horror; internet host attempts to stay the night alone in an abandoned haunted house in Utah and livestream the event via several strategically-placed cameras; what happens is anything but normal

81.) Night Life (1989) horror comedy about dopey high school kid working at his uncle’s funeral home; unusually well done 80’s zombie comedy and it features the original Gomez Adams

82.) VHS 85 (2023) one of the better of the six VHS horror anthology movies; the Mexican Earthquake segment is radical; other cool segments include the lake, the dream killer, and Rory

83.) Late Night with the Devil (2023) horror comedy; interesting concept, this film coulda been so much more though, still worth a watch; 1977 live broadcast on NYC talk show conjures real demons at Midnight on Halloween

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