Jobbie Nooner

You didn’t think it could happen.

You didn’t think it should happen.

Now your boat-less ass is thinking ‘wow, I really need to get my boat-less ass a damn BOAT and head out to the greatest boat party of all-time…..JOBBIE NOONER!

Jobbie Nooner declared Official Michigan Holiday

And we here at Jobbie Crew applaud your realization because:

Jobbie Nooner has just been declared an Official Michigan Holiday.

This means that you are now eligible to receive paid time off to attend Jobbie Nooner at Gull Island, Lake St. Clair.

I’m just a Bill

This recent legislation somehow managed to transcend the usual tricameralism deadlock and passed with a landslide vote of 99 to 8 to 3 in the Michigan House of Representationness, whom it should be noted, also voted in favor of tacking on a Mandatory 4-20 Tokeday Referendum for themselves.

We will follow this story all day and every April Fools Day as it develops.

Jobbie Nooner
Jobbie Nooner

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