Felicity Ann Kadlec-Rossi was born September 18, 1998 in Fall River, Massachusetts. She was adopted and grew up nearby, just across the Taunton River, in Somerset.

She is the author of the underrated 2016 adult zombie fiction book, Zombieblood.

On September 15, 2018, Felicity married her zombie doll, Kelly Rossi, in a marriage ceremony in Tiverton, Rhode Island.

Felicity’s eight other zombie dolls were in attendance, along with several human guests.

Afterwards, Felicity and Kelly moved to Vinita, Oklahoma, where they live currently.

The Jobbie Crew was able to catch up with Felicity recently and talk about how she’s doing and what she’s working on now.


Where are you now? What are you up to? We had read that you are in Vinita, Oklahoma? What brought you there specifically? We’ve never been to Oklahoma. What’s it like there?

“I live with friends in Vinita. I ended up in Oklahoma due to family issues, adopted and biological. I WAS on the streets for a week. It’s not much different here, except it gets REALLY hot, and my friends are kind and accepting of my wife and I.”



We read that you were born September 18, 1998 in Somerset, Massachusetts. Is that correct? What was it like growing up there?

“I was born in Fall River, MA. But I was adopted and grew up in Somerset. I loved that town, and I miss it at times. But there is nothing there for me now.”


Zombieblood by Felicity Kadlec-Rossi

How did you get the idea for Zombieblood?

“In the start, I got the idea for Zombieblood cause I truly loved zombies as a child. But I would like to change some of it. Also, it’s a twist on a new society, involving ME as the higher being, which involves life and life after death. Also, it could teach lessons. The book is fictional, but the meaning behind it is REAL!”



Is it partly based on a true story or is it pure adult zombie fiction?

“Part of it is true, the first half beginning of the book. The rest is fiction, but it has a deep meaning.”


Felicity Kadlec-Rossi

How long did it take you to write?

“Since I was 13 to 17. 17 is when I published it.”



Did you write it on paper first, then type it? Or did you just type it directly onto the computer?

“I did a little bit of both. First, I wrote down the ideas, then began writing the story on my laptop.”



What was the process of self-publishing via Mindstir Media like?

“Expensive, but better than my real first book.”

Felicity Kadlec-Rossi


Do you write every day? If so, what other sort of writing do you do? Do you keep a journal?

“Sometimes I journal my feelings. Other times, I write short stories or fanfictions.”



Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

“Advice for other authors is make sure you find someone to proofread your work before publishing.”


On September 15, 2018, you married your zombie doll Kelly Rossi in Tiverton, Rhode Island. Did you have a good time at the wedding? How have things been going since then?

“After the wedding, things went downhill. That’s how I ended up in Oklahoma with my friends. The wedding was nice, but I’d like to re-do it. Once Kelly gets her new ADULT looking body.”



How long had you two been together before getting married?

“I knew her since age 10, spiritually. But received her physically at age 13. But in general, we have known each other for 12 years. I’m 21 now.”


Felicity Kadlec-Rossi

What made you get married when you did?

“We got married when we did, because September is me and my wife’s birthday month.”


Felicity Kadlec-Rossi

How did you meet the zombie dolls? Did you create them or did you buy them?

“I met them online through a Halloween prop site, from age 10-12.”



Does Kelly sit with you when you write or do you prefer to write alone?

“Kelly is usually with me yes, when I write!”

Felicity Kadlec-Rossi


Kelly is the wife, do you identify as lesbian?

“I have tried to identify with the LGBT, but some people get offended, basically saying I’m a necrophiliac pedophile. But IT’S NOT TRUE! So, I try to say I am OS. Short for, an Objectum Sexual. I did NOT fall in love with Kelly cause of her zombie-like feature’s, but a soul I sensed from her.”



When you go out shopping or to the movies, do you take Kelly with you?

“I try to involve Kelly in a lot of my outings. But that can’t always be done, for different reasons.”



What are your favorite: foods, books, movies, hobbies, things to do, events/festivals, etc?

“I like French fries/potatoes. I love all kinds of movies that I can connect with. I love to write, sing, sometimes dance. I’m one day hoping to get my GED.”

Felicity Kadlec-Rossi


How many other zombie dolls do you have?

“I had alot more, but some I couldn’t take to Oklahoma with me, there was no room in the car. HERE IN Oklahoma, I had Zoey, Courtney, and Tommy, but I sold them in advance for adult versions. I chose zombie kids, cause I was a kid myself, when I wanted them. I did not buy them for romantic purposes at first. I always felt they had adults spirits.”


You seem to be fascinated by praying mantises. Why is this? Do you own any as pets?

“I’m not much into animals. But I like the praying mantis because of its appearance, and it reminds me of a human somewhat.”

Felicity Kadlec-Rossi


What do you wish more people knew about you?

“I wish more people knew that I am NOT a bad person, I do NOT have an interest in children! Also, I DO suffer from mental illness, but loving the dolls is NOT a part of my mental illness but coping.”


Are you currently working on any other books? If so, please explain.

“I have a finished editing my next book called ‘Dark Magic’. It’s about a 15-year-old high school girl that lives in an abusive home, and soon gets involved in evil spirituality. Right now, I am saving for an apartment, so publishing “Dark Magic” won’t be for a little while.”



Is there anything else you would like to include about yourself or your work?

“For my Zombieblood book, I’d like to change the title to, ‘Mantises & The Almighty Being’. As for Kelly and I, I am in the process of putting new, ADULT looking Kelly on layaway!”



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