4Everguard products Titania

Jim Simpson has “been around the pond,” as they say.

This veteran boater of Lake St. Clair has been on the water for over 60 years. He’s seen a thing or two in his decades of experience on the water.

One of the things he’s noticed over the years is how difficult it is to not only clean boats but keep them clean over time. He thought it was borderline impossible until he discovered 4Everguard.

4Everguard products Titania

Let’s hear it from Jim. Here’s the whole story, the whole enchilada

“I was a partner in an auto dealership in Atlanta, Georgia when one day about three years ago, my partner called me raving non-stop about how amazing this line of products called 4Everguard is.”

“I was intrigued. I tried it and sure enough, he was right. I became an instant convert and investor. These products are for anyone interested in keeping their assets and investments clean. We run the company now, we’re all old car guys, there’s six of us in three states.”

“4Everguard is a line of cleaning, sanitizing, and protective coatings (CSP).”






Titania & the Boat Cleaning Kit


4Everguard products Boat Cleaning Kit and Titania

“4Everguard is the USA’s largest distributor of a chemical compound called Titania. It’s a self-cleaning coating and surface preservative that lasts for five years.”

“Titania is colorless, odorless, and you spray it with a special nozzle. Titania forms a barrier to protect against constantly moving radicals, so that nothing sticks to it. It was invented by a neurosurgeon/chemist in Phoenix who patented it. We’re a direct distributor for him. Once treated with Titania, you do not need to use any other cleaning products for five years. All you have to do is wash your boat or vehicle.”

“I have a 28’ Bayliner Contessa Bridge over at Beacon Cove. I sprayed the entire boat with 8oz. of Titania. Now I only use boat soap from West Marine on it. If there’s a stain, it just goes away on its own. Titania lives on sunlight and oxygen.”

“We have 3 ways to apply Titania: plug-in blower with nozzle ($300), handheld battery ($500), pneumatic kit ($2100). And no, it is not cheap. Titania costs $1,400 per gallon or $175 for a quart. But you know what? Your investment in your boat or vehicle isn’t cheap and you want to make sure you take care of your investment by using high-quality products.”

4Everguard products Dry Wash-Wax

“People usually hire us to come in-person and spray their boats. We can spray it out of the water or we can spray the top once it’s in the water. It’s usually $170-$620 for us to wipe it down with Dry Wash Wax then spray it with Titania. All of our products are biodegradable, and no masks or gloves are required. To demonstrate the safety of Titania, one of my partners did a shot of it once in a meeting (laughs). We don’t recommend that usually, but he was fine.”

“4Everguard’s # 1 sellers are our cleaning products. Our # 1 best seller is the Dry Wash Wax and our # 2 best seller is the Safe-T Guard.”

“We sell a Boat Cleaning Kit ($89.00) that contains Super Juice, Dry Wash Wax (graphene ceramic wax), Safe-T Gard (hospital-grade disinfectant that kills 99.999% of all molds, mildew, viruses, bacteria; it lasts 6 months), and Cyclone (degreaser; takes spots off).”

“So, for only $89.00 you can clean your whole boat and keep it clean. On Lake St. Clair, the most common boat size is 23-25-foot-long boats. You only need one 8oz bottle per every 336 square feet of surface area.”



4Everguard is a Growing Corporation


4Everguard products Boat Cleaning Kit

“We do boats, cars, RVs, motor homes, travel trailers, houses, furniture, medical offices, commercial kitchens, etc, you name it.”

“Our products will clean anything, except paper. They’re also great for cleaning bathrooms and showers.”

“We have an MLB stadium that we did, along with their Phoenix training center. We did a dorm at a university in Texas. We have an RV client on east coast with 5 locations that are spraying 30-50 units per month.”

“We did a 45-foot diesel motor home last month, inside and out, came out like new, used the full suite of our products then sprayed it with Titania.”

4Everguard products Titania

“Titania creates an active self-sanitizing surface. After fogging titania with our patented applicator, titania dries and forms a nano-thin protective layer of hydroxyl radicals. The hydroxyl radicals are activated by UV rays and oxygen, meaning they work 24/7, 365 days a year, to prevent odors, stains, bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, algae, oxidation, and corrosion. After the application of titania, a wash with a mild boat soap is all the maintenance generally needed. Stains go away on their own, giving you more time to enjoy your boat, car, and RV.”

“We’re also processing 47 semi-trailers this summer.”

Brake dust on wheels is usually incredibly tough to get off cars. We spray it with Titania, take it through the car wash, the brake dust is gone.”

“We do a variety of boat and car shows annually. Our top retail stores are Unriehl Performance & Marina (New Baltimore, MI) and Elk Rapids Marina (Elk Rapids, MI). We also have sales reps in Michigan, California, Texas, and Florida.”

“4Everguard has two facilities: a warehouse in Rochester and one in Novi.”



What About Jim?

Poor Man’s Yacht Club (Clay Twsp, Michigan)

“I was born in 1945 and grew up in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Growing up on Lake St. Clair, I became an avid boater and fisherman. Caught lots of walleye and perch in LSC over the years. The first boat I had was a little 12-foot aluminum boat. Overall, I’ve owned 14 boats in my life.”

“I love fly fishing, especially in Michigan, Canada, and Alaska. Caught steelhead and salmon on the Betsie River near Crystal Mountain. The biggest salmon I’ve ever caught have been here. Caught four rainbows over 25 inches.”

Alaska has some of the greatest fishing in the world. When my grandson graduated high school, we flew to Fairbanks, then King Salmon, then took a floatplane to the Alagnak River, then took a boat for four hours up to our camp. We could see 20 grizzlies eating salmon.”

“I’m the treasurer of Poor Man’s Yacht Club (Clay Twsp, Michigan). Poor Man’s was founded in 1962. We have 35 members and a 6-acre island with 54 slips on the Baltimore Cut.”

“For over 25 years, I’ve been active in the Power Squadron, this is a national organization dedicated to teaching boating safety. The Grosse Pointe chapter of the Power Squadron is the biggest training center. They do classes at Zef’s Dockside Grill (St. Clair Shores) and the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club (Grosse Pointe Shores).



Cars and Business


Bare Naked Bay in Michigan’s Lake St. Clair (photo by Julie Trumeyer)

“I also love cars and the business world. My favorite car is a pre-Ford 1970’s Jaguar.

“Back in the 60’s, I went to Eastern Michigan University to become an English and Literature teacher. Then in my third year at school, they put me in a third grade classroom and I quickly realized this wasn’t the profession for me. I even did a year at Wayne State University in 1966 just to make sure.”

“Dropped out of school and went to work at the Bill Snethcamp Dealership (Woodward & 6 Mile rd, Highland Park). Found out I loved the business. Met a lifelong friend, Jim Riehl, and he took me to Roseville when he opened his own dealership.”

“Worked at Roseville Chrysler for 38 years (18 as service director, 25 as GM). Then I went to the Richmond Chrysler Dodge Ram dealership for 9 years. We became the # 1 truck dealer in Michigan and the # 2 dealer in the USA. Great sales, especially on the Ram 1500. Richmond is a town of 5,000 people and we sold over 6,000 vehicles per year.”

Richmond Chrysler Dodge Ram dealership

Business consulting and executive coaching are also things that I love and have done for years. I’ve coached over 100 companies. It’s all about hiring the right people for the right roles and having everyone moving in the same direction together as one. The DISC personality assessment is an especially amazing tool. It teaches you about yourself, others, and how to communicate effectively.”

“I also rep Isagenix nutrition company. Became enamored with the company after I lost 42 pounds in 90 days. Isagenix is a system of products: meal replacement shakes, vitamins, coffee, collagen, skincare, etc. Some very effective stuff.”

“I love Michigan and the changing of the seasons. Used to be an avid snowmobiler, had a cottage in Mancelona. Now just boating. You can usually find me on Lake St. Clair in Bare Naked Bay or the Art Van Sandbar.”







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