Vancouver City Council was discussing a rezoning application for a proposed housing development Tuesday evening when it opened up the hearing to questions from the public.

“We’re gonna now hear from the public starting with speaker number 1, Jackin Daddyoff. Jackin Daddyoff on the line?” says Councillor Pete Fry in a clip posted on Twitter.

After a 15-second delay, during which we can only assume the caller was laughing on mute, Fry repeats, “Speaker number 1, Jackin Daddyoff.”

Jackin Daddyoff

Jackin Daddyoff then says:

“I’m extremely disciplined and I only use my fists for defense. I can defend myself against anyone at this point. It would not even be fair for me to use them on offence; they are deadly weapons,” he says in a serious voice.

“I have a bear inside me and I need to discipline of martial arts to keep him at bay.”

 Jack Indadioff

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