Do you want to bank your sperm?

International Cryogenics, located in Royal Oak, Michigan, has been around since 1975. They’re going on 50 years!

According to Grand View Research, the global sperm market is valued at more than $3.5 billion dollars. By 2025, it’s projected to be worth over $5 billion dollars.

The father of artificial insemination is said to be a man called Spallanzani. Way back in 1776, he reported that sperm can be stored if cooled in snow.

Then in 1953 a man named Dr. Jerome K. Sherman, an American pioneer in sperm freezing, started preserving sperm with glycerol. He showed that frozen sperm, when thawed, were able to fertilize an egg and induce its normal development.

This work led to the creation of sperm banks around the world.

International Cryogenics has provided donor specimens for thousands of babies. All specimens are frozen, stored and shipped in liquid nitrogen (-196ºc). When specimens are stored in this manner they can be stored indefinitely.


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