iBubble Underwater Drone

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The Scoop: A waterproof drone called iBubble Underwater Drone has made a big splash in diving communities around the world by using state-of-the-art technology to record, track, and film underwater adventures and explorations. It’s the perfect diving companion for friends, couples, and professionals who want to capture and share their underwater experiences with a larger audience. The iBubble drone uses 7 propellers and sonar technology to move around underwater, and it can keep up with swimmers and record video for up to an hour and a half before bringing breathtaking images to the surface.

Notilo Plus is a French startup company with a bold spirit and big dreams. Its two co-founders combined their love of technology and deep-sea diving to create an automated underwater filming assistant that can track and follow swimmers.

The first iBubble prototype was made mostly out of PVC pipes, but even that was enough to capture the interest and imaginations of water lovers everywhere. Thanks to a 2016 crowdfunding campaign and some key investments, iBubble has received many upgrades and design improvements, and it now works swimmingly.

iBubble Underwater Drone

Today, the sleek iBubble evo uses seven propellers to navigate in oceans, rivers, lakes, and swimming pools, and it can even hold its own in rough currents. The team designed and patented unique 360-degree sonar technology that allows iBubble to avoid obstacles and follow divers as they explore underwater worlds.

Uniting People Who Are Passionate About Ocean Exploration

iBubble Underwater Drone

Innovative Technology Revolutionizes the Diving Experience

iBubble Underwater Drone

Tronage, an American YouTuber, has come out as a vocal fan of iBubble. He has created instructive videos promoting the technology and offering tips for how to use it properly.

“Ultimately, this thing is damn cool,” Tronage said.


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