Ororo’s Heated Vest

ORORO Heated Apparel started in Kansas City and their main goal is designing clothing with seasonal versatility.

They have a line of heated clothing including Vests, Jackets, Socks, and Gloves!

The lightweight vest turns into a warm cocoon thanks to the fast-heating 7.4V UL/CE-certified battery.

There are 4 carbon-fiber heating elements—one across the collar, another across the mid-back, and two underneath the front pockets—that have 3 heat levels.

Just press the button and you’ll be toasty warm in no time.

A full charge allows the vest to heat for up to 10 hours, so it’ll last through an all-day hike, woodworking in the garage, or a socially distanced family gathering in the backyard.

Whether you’re camping, fishing, or just enjoying a drink by your outdoor fire pit, you’re bound to be a whole lot more comfortable.

Just don’t forget to charge the battery once you’re done with it so you’re prepared for your next outdoor adventure.

Ororo’s Heated Vest

Quick specs:

  • Carbon fiber heating elements that generate heat across core body areas (left & right chest, mid-back)
  • 3 adjustable heating settings
  • Up to 10 working hours (3 hrs on high, 6 hrs on medium, 10 hrs on low heating setting)
  • A quick-heating 7.4V UL/CE-certified battery
  • USB port for charging smartphones and other mobile devices
  • Machine washable
  • Regular fit, waist-length
  • 3-year warranty
Ororo’s Heated Vest

Ororo Men’s Vest ($130.00)



Ororo Women’s Vest ($130.00)



Ororo Men’s Heated Jacket ($150.00)



Ororo Women’s Heated Jacket ($150)


Ororo’s Heated Jacket


Other types of Heated Apparel



Heated Gloves ($200)


Ororo’s Heated Gloves


Heated Socks ($100)


Ororo’s Heated Socks

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