Harsens Island vacant lot

Michigan County Tax Auctions will be auctioning off a vacant lot of two parcels with water frontage on Harsens Island, Michigan.

Once you register on the website, search for Lot 9182.

Harsens Island vacant lot

The lot is located on the South Channel of Harsens, about a half-mile north of The Old Club (c. 1872 island resort, yacht club, special event destination).

Harsens Island Old Club

To see the lot on Google Maps, use the address 9444 South Channel Dr, Harsens Island, MI.

Starting bid is $9,400.00.

The SEV (State Equalized Value) of the property is $120,000.

Harsens Island vacant lot


The two parcels of vacant land are swampy, low laying and waterlogged.

If you plan to build anything on the land you will need to look into things like:

swamp mats, vertical sand drains, geogrid (won’t pull apart under tension), back filling the area with truckloads of sand, using a raft foundation (reinforced concrete slab), etc.

Harsens Island vacant lot

What:          online auction of vacant Harsens Island land (9444 South Channel Dr, Harsens Island, MI)

When:         Thursday, September 03, 2020

Where:        https://www.tax-sale.info/lot/show/id/126256

Time:          10:00 a.m. 

Harsens Island vacant lot
Harsens Island vacant lot

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