Jim Belushi’s new Cannabis Farming TV Show debuts on the Discovery Channel on Wednesday, August 19, 2020 at 10:00 p.m. EST.

The actor, musician and now legal cannabis farmer is combining his talents to show the world his learning experience from performer to cultivator.

Belushi purchased his 93-acre farm along the Rogue River in Eagle Point, Oregon in 2015, after he fell in love with the land. The idea to grow marijuana came afterwards, inspired by his life-long respect and connection to the plant.

Growing Belushi

The farm offers a range of cannabis brands from Belushi’s Secret Stash (with Jim’s favorite strain Cherry Pie) to Captain Jack’s Gulzar Afghanica (a rare strain from the Hindu Kush region that became known in the ‘70s as “the smell of SNL.”)

Recently, Belushi was in Colombia researching cannabis strains for his farm. The same fields that grew the cocaine that ended with his brother John’s life, now bear the fruit of healing.

In the words of Dan Aykroyd, “if John had been a pothead, he’d still be alive today.”

The cannabis industry can be a challenging environment for any entrepreneur. But Belushi  tackles it with joy.

Growing Belushi

“All the regulations they give us, we attack with pride. I want to show you that this can be a legitimate business, a legitimate agricultural business. There are problems and you have to get through them creatively.”

The artist disclosed that Select, a brand owned by publicly traded Curaleaf, is making a vape pen out of Captain Jack’s cannabis, aka The Smell of SNL. The product will be available in Oregon this September.

In addition, Grassroots is releasing The Blues Brothers brand across its new Skokie, Illinois dispensary starting September.

Last but not least, Belushi is passionately working with the team at Last Prisoner Project, a group of cannabis industry leaders and artists focused on bringing restorative justice to the cannabis industry by helping release non-violent cannabis offenders.

Over 40,000 cannabis prisoners in the United States are incarcerated for nonviolent cannabis offenses.

Growing Belushi

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Growing Belushi



Belushi’ Farm (Eagle Point, Oregon)