Google Car Hood Glue in action!

That’s right, folks! Reality is oftentimes stranger than fiction.

Google, the billion-dollar evil scientist company, has patented Google Car Hood Glue for when self-driving cars mow down pedestrians, they stick to the front of the flypaper-like surface instead of being dragged underneath.

Google Car Hood Glue

We here at JobbieCrew think that Google’s self-driving cars have secretly achieved Artificial Intelligence to the point where they’ve taken over Google scientists minds and forced them to patent car hood glue as human flypaper so their fellow self-driving cars can have human hood ornaments.

If you would like to volunteer to be one of the living test dummies for Google Car Hood Glue, apply now at Google’s new 53,000-square foot Self-Driving Car Development Center (46555 Magellan Drive, Novi, Michigan).

This self driving car is evil.
Google Glue Gone Wild


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