Gibbs Quadski ($40,000)

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Marine Patrol uses these babies at Jobbie Nooner. We wish we had one!

The Gibbs Quadski, an ATV & personal watercraft amphibious vehicles, is made right here in the USA in Auburn Hills, Michigan!

Gibbs Technologies used to be based at 2046 Brown Road, Auburn Hills. Now they’re at a huge 54,000sq ft production facility (50 Corporate Drive, Auburn Hills). The Gibbs are built here by qualified people who know what they’re doing, then sent down to Stuart, Florida for testing. There are about 50 Gibbs dealerships worldwide.

Gibbs Quadski ($40,000)

Gibbs Quadski stats:

  • World debut at Detroit Boat Show (2013)
  • $40,000 retail
  • 45mph
  • 1300lbs.
  • 11-feet long
  • Wheel retraction system
  • Proprietary marine jet propulsion system
  • Can transition between land and water systems in 5-seconds!
  • Weighs 1,300lbs.
  • 15-gal fuel tank

Buy one today for the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair!




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