Fraser Yachts ‘Deep Blue Experience’
  • Fraser Yachts’ Deep Blue Experience entails a charter trip aboard the exploration yacht U Boat Navigator—now available for charter all year round—which comes equipped a Triton 3300/3 3-person submersible able to dive as deep as 3,000 feet.
  • U Boat Navigator also charters with a 1-person Triton submersible, for added safety and for filming the main sub during dives; professional diving equipment for 6 divers; and an onboard dive center with a decompression chamber

    Fraser Yachts ‘Deep Blue Experience’

  • Charter trips aboard U Boat Navigator, are available in Malta, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, and the Adriatic Sea, where charter guests can explore some of the world’s most exciting shipwrecks and dive sites.
  • The 78-foot-long U Boat Navigator, built in 2008 and fully refitted this past fall, sleeps as many as 6 guests (plus 6 crew); the yacht’s crew has completed over 500 dives in the Mediterranean, explored wreck sites around Malta and Gozo, and discovered and mapped dozens of new underwater wrecks and relics.
  • Every week-long charter receives a professionally shot and edited short film documenting their underwater adventure.
Fraser Yachts ‘Deep Blue Experience’

Fraser Yachts is giving divers and non-divers alike the chance to unlock the mysteries of the ocean with a signature charter trip on the U Boat Navigator.

The adventure, dubbed The Deep Blue Experience, takes passengers on deep sea expeditions to some of the best dive sites in the world.

The 78-foot-long U Boat Navigator can reach 3,000 feet underwater, giving its guests an up-close look at shipwrecks, uncommon marine life, and underwater relics.

The yacht can hold up to six guests, plus a six-member crew, and is available for charter year-round.

Cost: $80,000 per week

Fraser Yachts Deep Blue

Fraser Yachts ‘Deep Blue Experience’ (photo Oceanographic Magazine)
Fraser Yachts ‘Deep Blue Experience’

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