The FishVerify phone app, which came out in 2016, is a great idea.

It started as a Kickstarter project in the Florida Keys in 2014 and was finally developed two years later.

You take a picture of the fish you caught and within seconds, it allows you to identify your catch.

There are several problems with it though.

It doesn’t always work, you must get the $5.00/mnth premium subscription to use it, and the geographic range needs to be greater (more states and regions need to be added).

Again, awesome concept, just needs to be improved. 



Here is the intended end-result:

FishVerify has an extensive data base contains over 1 million data images that will provide detailed information on both marine and freshwater fish, other advanced features include ‘my catch log’ that captures GPS locations to allow anglers to go back to their favorite hot spots and automatic storage of information the Professional Captain’s track- wind, weather conditions, moon phases sea conditions, barometric pressures, moon phase and all in one catch log.

The app is aimed at all levels of users, and a great resource for information to identify types of marine fish, fish edibility, fish habitats, even state records, it also keeps the users up to date with local State and Federal rules and regulations as it applies to the location the species scanned.

In today’s quickly changing rules it is important to quickly understand catch and release rules to make sure all fishermen are not at risk of keeping a species out of size, quantity or catch out of season by failure to identify what they catch.

The of goal of FishVerify is saving the seas sustainable fishing stocks by providing a tool to educate fisherman on what they can keep and what they should release.



FishVerify’s original Kickstarter project

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