Fiesta San Antonio (photo by Fiesta San Antonio)

The aroma of sizzling fajitas fills the air as margarita-sipping visitors stroll the River Walk to the sounds of live mariachi music.

Fiesta San Antonio is an 11-day citywide celebration the rich and diverse cultural heritage of San Antonio, Texas.

The festival began way back in 1891 as a single parade to commemorate the heroes of The Alamo and San Jacinto.

Fiesta San Antonio (photo by Fiesta San Antonio)

Today it’s grown to include pageants, river and street parades, masquerade parties, fireworks, a carnival, oyster bakes, sporting competitions, art fairs, races and parties – truly something for everyone.

The festival, also known as The Battle of Flowers, commemorates of the Battle of the Alamo, which took place in San Antonio, and the Battle of San Jacinto, which led to Texas’ independence from Mexico in April 1836.

Fiesta is the city’s biggest festival, with an economic impact of $340 million for the city.

More than 3 million people take part in more than 100 events that take place all over the city and beyond.

The area within the circumference of the River Walk is the heart of the original 1700s Villa de Bejar outpost, which would eventually become the City of San Antonio.

Fiesta San Antonio (photo by Fiesta San Antonio)

The Texas Cavaliers’ River Parade

This is one of the crown jewels of Fiesta. Get your tickets here.


Don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it. One of Fiesta’s signature dishes is fried chicken served on a stick, preferably with a jalapeno at the end. Find them at Night in Old San Antonio (NIOSA), Oyster Bake and several of the other major events.

Chicken on a stick @ NIOSA

Hotel Valencia

This popular hotel is the dark, sophisticated jewel of the River Walk. With a striking mix of Spanish and Mediterranean decor, the Valencia offers river-view suites. Its terrace, as well as its Argentinian-inspired restaurant, Dorrego, boast similar views.

The Esquire Tavern

With its claims to fame as the oldest bar on the River Walk and the place with the longest wooden bar top in Texas, the Esquire is a staple of the area. The tavern’s downstairs bar is just steps away from the water, and the establishment’s long history (dating back to the end of Prohibition in 1933) informs the moody speakeasy decor as well as the selection of rare spirits.

What:          Fiesta San Antonio

When:         April 18-28, 2024

Where:        San Antonio, Texas



Fiesta River Walk map
Fiesta San Antonio (photo by Fiesta San Antonio)
Fiesta San Antonio (photo by Fiesta San Antonio)
Fiesta San Antonio (photo by Fiesta San Antonio)

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