Car Details

  • Year: 1952
  • Location: Bons-en-Chablais, France
  • Power: 700 ps (522 kw)
  • Condition :Used
  • Internal Reference: Arno XI Ferrari Boat

Car Description

Only Ferrari-Powered Boat in the World built with Enzo Ferrari’s Blessing

Arno XI Ferrari Boat 1/1

▪️V12(375F1), 4.5L 700hp (600)
▪️1952, Ferrari Classiche
▪️Cost 12 million dollars + Fees

rare Ferrari boat (photo by Gilroy)

You may not know it, but Ferrari powered a powerful seaplane in the 1950s.

It was built for one thing: to break the world speed record on the water.
Achille Castoldi, a racing champion, offered such a boat to the one and only Enzo Ferrari who agreed to help him in this venture.
The Arno XI was built to beat the speed record in the 800 kg category.
rare Ferrari boat (photo by Gilroy)
To reach the speed record, he commissioned Cantieri Timossi to build a 3-point seaplane made of hardwood, covered with a mahogany veneer.
When Enzo learned that he had painted the upper body in Ferrari Red, the Scuderia F1 team was sent to lend their expertise.
This resulted in a world record per flying kilometer: 150.49 mph, which is still valid today.


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