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Hunter S. Thompson (circa 1977)

Hunter S. Thompson, the famed Gonzo journalist (and a favorite writer of the JobbieCrew), known for his wild true-life LSD and marijuana fueled excursions and articles, wrote two of the best books America has ever produced: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1971) and Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72 (1972).

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As a journalist, Thompson lived in Florida, NYC, Brazil, Puerto Rico, SanFran, etc and became popular in 1966 with his book-length study of the outlaw motorcycle group Hell’s Angels.

HST as writer for Rolling Stone Magazine

In 1969, Thompson moved to Colorado and lived in a private secluded compound dubbed “Owl Farm” until his suicide in 2005.

Hunter S. Thompson (1937-2005)

Owl Farm is located in Woody Creek Canyon some 10 miles from Aspen and the official address is listed as 1278 Woody Creek Rd, Snowmass, Colorado.

Jesse the Peacock lives at Owl Farm

HST’s ‘Fear and Loathing’ book was turned into a 1998 movie starring Johnny Depp. Both Depp and Thompson are from Kentucky and Depp lived with Thompson for months in Thompson’s basement to prepare for the role and the two became close friends.

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Hunter Thompson and Johnny Depp (circa 1998)

Depp even paid for HST’s entire funeral, attended by some 280 people who watched Thompson’s ashes get blasted out of a 150ft tall Gonzo-fisted cannon.

cool HST grafitti in Salt Lake City

The Owl Farm museum project is currently being developed by Thompson’s beautiful widow Anita Thompson. Stay tuned for more developments!

HST and wife Anita Thompson at Owl Farm

Read more about the Owl Farm Museum project here!

Anita Thompson runs the Gonzo Foundation

Hunter’s daily routine in the 1980s

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