Some Facts about Lake St Clair

Detroit City looking up the river to Lake St Clair
Detroit City looking up the river to Lake St Clair
  1. The State of Michigan has over 1,000,000+ registered watercraft, which is more than any other state in America. The densest concentration of boat ownership is in the city of Saint Clair Shores, Michigan on Lake St. Clair.
  2. LSC is the busiest freshwater lake in the United States of America. At 440 square miles, LSC is also the busiest body of freshwater per square mile in the world. It is repeatedly voted one of the top lakes in the world for hot girls and boat parties.
    Launch sites for Lake St Clair(Map used with permission )
  3. Lake St. Clair is 26-miles long, 24-miles wide, has 160-miles of shoreline and an average depth of 10-feet. As a comparison, Lake Superior, has a max depth of 1,332 feet. LSC is warm and shallow, just like trophy wife arm candy, so make sure you watch out for submerged sandbars!
  4. The Great Lakes contain 84% of North America’s surface freshwater. That is an enormous amount of water. The Great Lakes, if poured over the United States, could submerge the entire Continental United States in over 9.5 feet of water!
    Great Lakes System Profile
  5. We know Lake St. Clair is not an official “Great Lake” but it’s still a great lake! It was “discovered” byFrench explorers in August 1679. Montreal fur traders in canoe flotillas were sailing around LSC over 300 years ago having their own “Jobbie Nooner” with local topless Native American honeys and doing raspberry fig jello shots and cannonballs into the water.
    Old magazine cover
  6. LSC is part of the international waterway between the USA and Canada that connects Lake Huron with Lake Erie in the Great Lakes Basin. The northeastern portion of Lake St. Clair is the largest delta system in the world.
  7. USA and Canada share a one-mile long water border on Lake St. Clair, which is marked by the South Channel buoys. This is the official half-way point between USA and Canada.

Lake St. Clair FACTS

Atlas of Lake St. Clair


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