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Australia is a fantastic country. A vast and sparsely populated yet densely urbanized country, Australia is scenically beautiful, largely undeveloped and the world’s only nation-continent. Almost 10,000 miles from Detroit, the beautiful city of Melbourne has long been considered one of the world’s most livable cities. It is here that Melbournian artist TROG works, frolics and smokes a shitload of cannabis.

Australian underground comix stoner artist TROG!

I’ve been drawing stoner underground comix-style art for years. My favorite is ink on paper and paint pens on canvas although I also love inking up humans with a tattoo machine as well. I’m creating art daily. Every single day I’m working on something.”

TROG art

The Art of TROG


Born in 1977, TROG grew up in Perth on the West Coast of Australia.

“Now I live in Melbourne but growing up in Perth in the 1980’s was full of skateboarding and surfing. Those two sports shaped my whole childhood. What’s cool about Australia? Everything! Australia is one cool country!”

TROG’s Early Years

TROG with his creation.

TROG started drawing underground comix and toons as a teenager around 1991.

TROG at work!

“I always connected with art, I’ve always been comfortable around art and I’ve been drawing daily since 1991. A lot of my stuff is done in my home studio. I don’t prefer a lavish setup. Just the bare minimum. All I need is my hands and some crazy shit will get drawn in the studio!”

TROG’s Name


TROG’s nickname did not come from the 1970 Joan Crawford movie.

TROG’s name is NOT from this 1970 Joan Crawford movie but from his initials.

My nickname TROG comes from the initials of my real name. It was a signature on my artwork and has more to do with stoned friends at that time of my life it came about.”

TROG’s Main Influences

Pizza Pig by TROG

Rick Griffin (Californian psychedelic poster artist)
Robert Williams (Juxtapoz and Zap Comix underground artist)
Crumb (legendary cartoonist)
Stanley Mouse (psychedelic rock concert poster artist from Detroit!)
Victor Moscoso (psychedelic poster artist)

One of TROG’s many tats!


ATF Alaskan Thunderfuck! TROG’s favorite strain of marijuana.

“Marijuana is normal, it’s just fun, I’ve always supported cannabis. My absolute favorite strain of marijuana is ATF Alaskan Thunderfuck. It fucks me up—in a very good way!”

TROG’s artwork in the grow room!

TROG’s Posters for Ann Arbor’s annual Hash Bash!

Tommy Chong in Detroit holding TROG’s poster for Ann Arbors 2015 Hash Bash!

“I started doing posters for Ann Arbor’s Hash Bash about two years ago. I love the Tommy Chong one I did for them. I’m already drawing up a new one for 2016 to show Charlie Strachbein, the main organizer of Hash Bash.”

TROG’S Clients

Concert poster by TROG

Sly and the Family Stone
Kottonmouth Kings
The Offspring
Slightly Stoopid
Kyuss Lives
The Bennies + many more…

Concert poster by TROG

Cannabis Related events ive done poster artwork for include:

Bongathon poster by TROG

Tommy Chong (THE FUCKN KING)/ Ann Arbor Hash Bash in Michigan
Seattle Hempfest
Bong A Thon
Meen Green’s CaliCup
Bay Area Hempfest
Nimbin Mardigrass
Secret Cup
Kush Cup
Kush Expo
The Green Gathering
Jefferson State Hempfest
Canada Hempfest
Harvest fest
Harvest Fest 2 + many many more….

Cannabis art by TROG

TROG’s Favorite Pieces

Heaven’s Full (2005) by TROG. This is his personal favorite.

“My personal favorite pieces I’ve done are: the HEAVENS FULL canvas poster (2005), the Tommy Chong poster for BDT in Hazel Park, Michigan (2015), the Offspring poster. Then a heap of other favorite canvas works.”

Commission TROG for Some Excellent Art!

Commission TROG for art! Contact him via [email protected]

“Yes, I do personal commissions for collectors – I love doing that – like super fucked-up personal canvas work –I love that shit!”

BUY Trog’s 120-page ‘The COOKED BOOK’ by emailing TROG at [email protected]

Hit me up for a quote and also get in touch with me to purchase my 120-page ‘Cooked Book’ you can reach me at [email protected]

TROG art

Final Thoughts

TROG poster for band HedPE

At some point in 2016-2017, the JobbieCrew wants to bring TROG to Detroit for an exclusive TROG art show! “Yes, I would definitely love to do that,” says Trog, “I would love to come see all you Detroiters and your unique city!”

The Art of TROG Facebook page

Art of TROG homepage

Art of TROG Instagram

TROG’s Wasted Art on Twitter

Stoned art by TROG!


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