Electric narco sub

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According to maritime news and analysis site USNI, on November 5th, 2020, a rare electric narco submarine has been seized in Colombia as part of a collaborative operation between the US drug enforcement agency (DEA), Colombian Navy, and local law enforcers.

At full capacity, authorities have said that the sub could have carried 6 metric tons or $120 million worth of narcotics.

The seizure led to the arrest of 11 individuals — including the sub’s designer/engineer — linked to a drug trafficking organization.

The submarine is estimated to have cost around $1.5 million to build. Considering it would pay for itself nearly 10 times over with one successful journey, that doesn’t seem like a steep investment.

According to the report, the sub used 2 electric motors and ten tons of batteries giving it enough power to travel up to 37 miles (60 km).

The submarine also has a towing ring on the front suggesting that it would be towed toward its destination and would complete the final leg to enter port (or wherever it’s docking) as covertly as possible.

Electric narco sub

Once unloaded it would most likely be sunk deliberately and left on the sea bed with the many other narcotics subs. Drug runners tend not to care too much about recycling and reusing it seems. While certainly not good for the environment, at least it’s not nuclear like most other full-size submarines.

Narcotic subs are nothing new, but what makes this one particularly special is its size. Typically, the drug smuggling vessels are equipped to carry around 1.6 metric tons of cocaine, or around $30 million by the time it hits the streets.

Also, this vessel is actually like a submarine. It seems these kinds of sea going machine are submersible, but their correct name is: low profile vessel or LPV.

Essentially, they’re submarines in the sense that they travel just below the surface, but can’t dive to the deep depths of military subs. That said, this particular vessel reportedly can dive below the surface for short periods of time.

Electric narco sub

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