The Michigan Department of Natural Resources, in partnership with the Michigan Muskie Alliance, is investigating the muskellunge fisheries of the state again this year by distributing an online angler survey.

The 2017 Muskellunge Angler Survey will gather information about muskellunge angler

Muskellunge anglers are being asked to complete the 2017 Muskellunge Angler Survey for the DNR and Michigan Muskie Alliance, so more can be understood about this sportfish

demographics and catch data. Muskellunge anglers have been surveyed since 2014, but only online since 2016. Traditional methods, including creel and postcards, have not been as successful as collecting information through electronic means. The current survey can be found on the DNR website at and the Michigan Muskie Alliance website at

By completing this survey, anglers assist fisheries managers in their evaluations, assessments and trend monitoring of Michigan’s muskellunge fisheries. Information collected includes fishing location, method used, catch preferences, catch-and-release data, and how frequently the individual fishes for muskellunge.

The information collected via the 2017 Muskellunge Angler Survey plays a key role in proper fisheries management. Anglers may fill out one survey per person per trip and they may complete a survey for each angling trip they make.

Anglers must obtain a muskellunge harvest tag when deciding to harvest a fish. These tags are obtained when purchasing a Michigan fishing license or any date thereafter, as long as the angler has a fishing license and a valid driver’s license. Those interested in registering a harvested muskellunge (optional) can visit

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