Winter Garden, Florida native, Patrick Spikes (24) worked for Walt Disney World in Orlando.

He also ran a website called BackDoorDisney, which featured him entering restricted areas of the park via underground tunnels with false high-level clearance badges. He would also sell the booty here.

Spikes was arrested on May 16, 2019 and now faces charges of burglary, grand theft, and dealing in stolen property.

Patrick Spikes

Walt Disney World apparently has it’s own Detective force called Sector 6 Command (Sector VI) and they were hot on the trail of Spikes and finally nabbed him.

Spikes used underground tunnels to get backstage at the Haunted Mansion where he stole dresses off animatronic robots from the ballroom scene.

Patrick Spikes

When questioned by police, Spikes tried getting out of it by saying he had to vomit, “making strained breathing noises and stating that he couldn’t breathe.”

He also stole Buzzy from Epcot Center and possibly dozens of other Disney treasures.


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