Detroit’s best dance party: monthly FUNK NIGHT!

Detroit, Michigan is one of the top funk music cities in the world. 

And one of the best overall parties in Detroit is the monthly MOTOR CITY FUNK NIGHT dance party.

FUNK NIGHT (Detroit, MI)

Traditionally held the last Friday of every month, Funk Night is a floating underground dance party that was started in 2001 by DJ Frank Raines and Brad Hales and has been wildly popular every since.

DJ Frank Raines

Over the years we’ve been to Funk Night at Blondie’s, Hoban Foods warehouse, the Majestic, Clark Car Warehouse, CAID, Russell Industrial Center, Leland Ballroom, etc.

And wherever it’s at, Funk Night it is ALWAYS a fun time! Packed house, gorgeous women, live funk music, Raines spinning kickass funk and soul 45 records, etc.

Frank Raines runs Detroit’s Funk Night music label and the monthly Funk Night dance parties and is a nationally famous DJ. Come out and have a blast!

*click image to play funk song*


What:          MOTOR CITY FUNK NIGHT dance party!

Where:        The Majestic (4120 Woodward, Detroit)

When:         Friday, October 27th, 2017

Time:          9pm-4am

Cost:           ONLY $5.00!!!! Pay in cash at the door


Facebook event page


Detroit’s FUNK NIGHT!


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