The Lexus Velodrome located in Detroit, Michigan is the only indoor bicycle track of its kind in North America.

It is one of the world’s premier facilities for indoor track racing.

Designed and managed by Dale Hughes, this 60,000+ sq foot air dome cost $5 million dollars and features an 1/10th mile wood oval with four bike lanes and 50 degree banking.

indoor Lexus Velodrome Detroit

Yes, you read that correctly. The wooden track is banked 50 degrees in the turns and 15 degrees in the straights.

Bicyclists here reach insane speeds of 45 miles per hour!

Incredibly popular in Europe, velodrome races are held on a 166-meter steep wooden banked track, where ten laps equals roughly a mile.

indoor Lexus Velodrome Detroit

The track surrounds an infield outfitted with 20 suites, several chairs, tables, and a bar called the SpokeEasy Lounge.

Furthermore, the American Cycling League (ACL), is now headquartered here at the USA’s premier Madison track.

Every year, the Detroit Velodrome hosts the annual ACL Olympia Stadium Anniversary Race. This event features 6 two-man teams, 50 degree banking, and bikes without banks flying at 45 mph.

indoor Lexus Velodrome Detroit

The name of the race is in honor of Detroit’s former Olympia Stadium (1927-79) which would host famous 6-Day bicycle races and draw crowds of thousands.

Unlike road bikes, track bikes have only one fixed-gear and no freewheel (clutch) or brakes.

In 2019, there were over 3.5 million viewers watching the ACL’s coverage of the Olympia Race at Detroit’s Velodrome. 3.5 million people!

indoor Lexus Velodrome Detroit

Also, one weekend per month, the Championship Games are held here. They bring in top cyclists from all over the USA and the races are broadcast nationally on PBS. The Madison Race is a two-person team event that spans 50-100 laps with riders sling-shotting one another forward to relay.

The Velodrome is located on the edge of Tolan Playfield. Tolan is a 9-acre park (run by the city) and named after Eddie Tolan (aka: the Midnight Express). A graduate of Detroit’s Cass Tech High School, Eddie won 300 races during his career, most notably two gold medals in the 1932 Summer Olympics. At one point, he was titled “the fastest man alive.”

Come check out the Velodrome and one of the best races in the country!

indoor Lexus Velodrome Detroit

What:          ACL’s 93rd Olympia Stadium Anniversary Race

When:         November 13-14, 2020

Where:        Lexus Indoor Velodrome (601 Mack Ave, Detroit, MI)

Time:          doors open 6:00 p.m. / race 7:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Cost:           Infield spectators $12.00 standing room, $16.00 seat, $160.00 suite with 6 people

Food:          they have a full bar here (the SpokeEasy Lounge) but no on-site food. However, you can order food from nearby Cottage Inn Pizza (313-782-4951) and they will deliver it to you here and you can eat it inside the Velodrome

indoor Lexus Velodrome Detroit

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