Welcome to Detroit
Welcome to Detroit!

Started in 1901, the annual Detroit Tigers Opening Day is a massive city-wide street party in Detroit.

Detroit Tigers versus the Chicago White Sox at 1:10 p.m. at Comerica Park (2100 Woodward Ave, Detroit)

If you don’t have a ticket, just join us in the streets!

Make sure you bring lots of cash for food, drinks, souvenirs, etc. 

Detroit Tigers Opening Day

Every year, a spontaneous shanty-town of over 500,000+ partiers and tailgaters springs up for a 2-3 mile radius around Comerica Park (Detroit Tigers baseball stadium) in Downtown Detroit.

Don’t worry about even going to the game. Just come downtown and party in the streets! People are everywhere: walking around, tailgating, drinking in public, having a good time, etc.

Downtown Detroit

DJ Zig-Zag will be spinning downtown somewhere.

He starts at 9:00 a.m. and goes all night.

DJ ZIG-ZAG will be spinning at Town Pump Tavern!

So what about the whole “Drinking in Public” thing?

Detroit Tigers Opening Day!

So, yes, technically, on this day hundreds of thousands of people are tailgating and drinking in public.

But please remember that cops still can and will randomly ticket people walking around with open containers of alcohol! They will give you a ticket for “disorderly conduct.”

Legally, you cannot be on public property with an open intoxicant. Open container is a misdemeanor punished by a fine.

Detroit Tigers Opening Day

If you get a ticket, you’ll have to go to the 36th District Courthouse downtown a month later and waste an entire day there just so they can give you a $325.00 fine.

However, most Detroit Police are COOL and understand that Detroit Tigers Opening Day is a de facto holiday for the state of Michigan and city of Detroit.

We here at the Jobbie Crew stand by the police and all the hard work they do for our community.

We will still be downtown drinking in public in honor of this holiday. So pack a backpack full of drinks and food and water and come downtown and join us to enjoy this carnival-like atmosphere with the Jobbie Crew and over 500,000 others! Go Tigers!

1909 Detroit Tigers with Ty Cobb

Things to Remember When Drinking:

1.) Do not drink and drive. ALWAYS have a designated driver. You can also use a taxi cab, Uber, Lyft, etc. There is absolutely no justification ever for drinking and driving. We don’t care how “cool” you think you are, you should not drink and drive.

2.) Stay hydrated with WATER. Every other beer, get a cup or bottle of water and drink it.

3.) Eat FOOD. Do not drink on an empty stomach. Alcohol starts getting absorbed through the stomach lining and small intestine, thus, if you have food in your stomach, the alcohol won’t hit you as hard.

4.) Do not use your credit card or debit card. Take out a set amount of CASH and stick to a loosely pre-planned budget.

5.) Always RESPECT ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT. Whatever happens, the men & women who work in law enforcement are here to protect us, they are not your enemies. They also deal with alot of unnecessary crap from people. Don’t be one of those jerks who gives them a hard time.


Detroit Tigers Opening Day

What:        Detroit Tigers Opening Day Outdoor parties!

When:       Thursday, April 06, 2023

Where:      2-mile radius around Comerica Park (2100 Woodward Ave, Detroit)

Time:        Game starts at 1:10 p.m. but people start partying 6:00 a.m.

Get there EARLY.

Cost:         Parking is usually around $10.00-20.00 per car

Parking:    Parking will be busy. Park wherever you can. Try to park as close to Comerica Park as you can. DO NOT park illegally, they will tow your ass. If you park at an expired meter, it’s a $45.00 parking ticket. If you have 6+ unpaid parking tickets or you’re on a boot list, the parking police will put an orange boot on your car.

Bring:        No matter what you are doing or where you find yourself, we highly recommend bringing lots of cash for food, drinks, souvenirs, etc.

Detroit Tigers


That’s right, baby.
Detroit Tigers Opening Day

Jobbie Crew’s top recommended outdoor party hotspots:

These are from LAST YEAR. make sure you double check what’s going on now!

DJ Zig-Zag spinning outside @ Firebird Tavern (419 Monroe Street, Detroit) starts at 9:00 a.m. in Detroit’s Greektown.

Just wandering around. We recommend drinking your beer covertly since cops still randomly ticket people. Make the cops jobs easier by not being so blatant, don’t walk around with a can of beer. Cops have real crime to worry about, but they also have a basic job to do. Help them by putting your beer in a travel mug or something non-descript.

97.1 Block Party @ Grand Circus Park (1601 Woodward Ave.) FREE! Open 10am-6pm.

Detroit Tigers Opening Day

Craig Jelinek’s Tent Party (440 Madison Ave. & Brush St) Tix are $20 adv or $30 at the door. Craig throws several great parties, check them out!

Tailgating @ Eastern Market (Beaubien Street & Wilkins Street) ton of stuff going on here in the Eastern Market District, the epicenter of open-air sports tailgating.


Detroit Tigers Opening Day

Beacon Park (1903 Grand River Ave) 10am-6pm. Party inside Beacon’s huge 10,000-square foot tent! FREE!

Founders Brewery Opening Day Soiree (456 Charlotte St) 10am-1am. Free entry.

The Skip Bar inside the Belt Alley (1234 Library St) 11am starts. DJ’s and drinks.


Detroit Tigers Opening Day

Club Bleu’s annual Opening Day Extravaganza (1540 Woodward) 10am-3am.

Legends Stipclub downtown (415 E. Congress St) 11am-2am. $10.00 cover.


There will also be tailgating on the site of old Tiger Stadium! Now called The Corner Ballpark & Willie Horton Field of Dreams (1680 Michigan Avenue, Detroit), the stadium was built by Detroit PAL (Police Athletic League) and has 2,500 seats. They are opening the grounds to Tigers tailgaters on Opening Day!


Detroit Tigers Opening Day
Detroit Tigers Opening Day
Detroit Tigers Opening Day
Detroit Tigers Opening Day
Detroit Tigers Opening Day

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