Dani Daniels

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One of the biggest names in the porn industry, Dani Daniels, spilled all in an episode of her podcast, ‘Two Onions with Dani Daniels‘.

Dani believes that 80% of porn stars are introverts, and chats about moving from stripping to sex work.

The 30-year-old, whose real name is Kira Orsag, was raised by two moms.

She used to work as a stripper in Omaha, Nebraska but then she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in porn.

Dani Daniels

The erotic star began shooting exclusively girl-on-girl scenes, before moving into different genres.

She felt the work was more like a hobby – until her X-rated films catapulted her to fame.

Dani said: “I was enjoying it, it didn’t register that, ‘oh, I’m a porn star now’.

“I’m just having fun, banging girls, shooting scenes.”

Her husband, Vic, told podcast listeners that Dani was named as one of CNBC’s “Dirty Dozen”.

Dani Daniels

The list names the biggest stars of pornography each year, which helped to raise the adult star’s profile even more.

At the time, she started shooting boy-girl scenes as well as her usual girl-on-girl content.

Dani said that she didn’t realize how famous she was until she started being recognized in the street.

She said: “Especially when you’re doing porn, you don’t get stopped on the street as much because people don’t want to admit it.

Dani Daniels

“For every one person coming up to me, there are 100 who recognize me – but they’re with their family, or their wife.”

These experiences can be strange for Dani, who is an introvert in real life.

The actress admits her “porn” persona and everyday persona are two very different things.

Dani explained: “I didn’t want to be recognized on the street – that wasn’t my goal…”

“When I’m home, and I’m Kira, I forget that ‘oh f***, I’m top 20 on Pornhub’.”

“There are people out there who enjoy that, and being the character, and the porn star is them, but it’s not me.

“It’s a part of me.”

Dani says her job is so consuming that she’s often too drained to communicate with friends in the real world.

Dani Daniels

She said: “I am on my phone all the time: on social media, OnlyFans, my website, and then I’m going on my computer and checking my emails and updating my website – I’m doing this all day every day.

“So, when I’m done I’m not checking my messages.”

Dani believes that having to put so much energy into porn means that when they are done, the stars just want to switch off and do normal, wholesome things.

She added: “I feel like porn stars go to set and have to be on – we’re performing, for 6 to 12 hours, and you’re being this person, you’re acting all day, and you have to be on all day.

“It’s just a lot…

When you’re done, you’re tired and you just want to put on your PJs and read a book.”

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