Tales from the Crypt Morton Downey Jr

Tales from the Crypt was a great campy, gory horror TV show that ran on HBO from 1989-1996.

There were 93 episodes in all.

Season 2, episode 16, which is called Television Terror (1990) starring Morton Downey Jr. as a schlock TV journalist investigating a haunted house is one of the best.

At the time, in real life, tv host Morton was a pioneer of “trash tabloid television”.



Here are some of the other top episodes.


Season 1

Episode 2             All through the House

Episode 3             Dig that Cat he’s real gone


Season 2

Episode 1             Dead Right

Episode 16           Television Terror


Season 3

Episode 4             Abra Cadaver

Episode 5             Top Billing

Episode 7             The Reluctant Vampire


Season 4

Episode 6             What’s Cookin

Episode 7             The New Arrival


Season 5

Episode 1             Death of some salesman

Episode 3             Forever Ambergris

Episode 5             People who live in Brass Hearses


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