Cemetery Man (1994) Dellamorte Dellamore

Cemetery Man is a fantastic Italian horror-comedy movie from 1994.


Francesco Dellamorte (Rupert Everett) is the groundskeeper at a cemetery where the dead just won’t stay dead—and it’s up to him to kill them again after they become zombies. But Dellamorte’s job soon becomes much more complicated when he falls for a gorgeous and enigmatic young woman (Anna Falchi) whose husband has recently died. Based on the novel by Tiziano Sclavi (DYLAN DOG) and directed by Michele Soavi (THE CHURCH), CEMETERY MAN is a late masterpiece of Italian horror: quirky, gory, romantic, and unlike anything else.

Cemetery Man (1994) Dellamorte Dellamore

Fun Fact:

According to Director Michele Soavi, the “returners” get their energy from the Mandragola (mandrake) roots in the cemetery.

The movie was shot at a nameless cemetery, often just called Arsoli Cemetery, located at Via Aprutina, 41-43, 00023 Arsoli RM, Italy (about an hour outside of Rome).

What:          Cemetery Man (1994) film screening

When:         March 15-16, 2024

Where:        Historic Howell Theater (315 E. Grand River ave, Howell, MI)

Time:          9:00 p.m.

Cost:           $8.00

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Dylan Dog


Sclavi Dylan Dog book Dellamorte Dellamore
Cemetery Man (1994) Dellamorte Dellamore
Cemetery Man (1994) Dellamorte Dellamore
Tom Hodge art print of Cemetery Man (1994) Dellamorte Dellamore

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