photo credit Kate Cho via marchedunain
photo credit Kate Cho via marchedunain

This is a very fun, unique and cool annual spring celebration in the ‘D.

The Marche du Nain Rouge has its roots in Detroit’s early history, when Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac founded Detroit and was confronted by the Nain Rouge (Red Devil). He purportedly hit the Nain Rouge with his cane and became cursed for life. Since then, the Nain Rouge has been spotted throughout Detroit’s 300 year history, usual at / during the D’s most notorious occurrences. The Nain Rouge has been a harbinger of doom since the time of Detroit’s founder. At this annual fun event – all of us as Detroiters banish the Nain for another year!

“The idea with the Marche was to tap into Detroit’s rich history and use the Nain Rouge story as a way for Detroiters to come together in common purpose,” said Francis Grunow, co-creator of the Marche. “Of course it’s supposed to be silly and fun, but it’s also supposed to be positive and meaningful.”

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This mardi-gras carnival-esque festival and parade features many people dressing up in costumes and mardi-gras masks to represent the effigy they want to shed or just to enjoy in the fun of the day.

photo credit Kate Cho via marchedunain

The ‘D: A city and region filled with culture and fun and cool things to do – get up and get out and proclaim and defned the ‘D!

Parade/ March:
1:00 pm from the Traffic Jam & Snug – Wayne State Campus. EVERYONE who attends gets to march in the parade to the Masonic Temple when the Nain is banished and an after-celebration takes place within the Masonic itself.

photo credit Kate Cho via marchedunain

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