The cannabis post-harvest process involves removing extraneous plant matter from the cannabis flower. This is called Trimming (aka: manicuring).

Trim Weed refers to cannabis which has had its leaves removed. Proper trimming techniques are associated with a higher quality and a more aesthetically pleasing final product.

Two main approaches to the trimming process are wet or dry. Dry trimming requires branches to fully dry out over a period of time before any trimming can take place. Wet trimming skips this drying process and allows for manicuring to begin immediately after harvest.

Trimming buds with scissors all day can be exhausting on your hands.


Enter the CannaBrush.

Made by Hortitech Greenhouse (Bend, Oregon), the CannaBrush is a cannabis hand trimming tool designed to be easier than scissors.

It is made of “cannabis resin-resistant food grade silicon“.

The CannaBrush is designed for dry trim, not wet trim. It allows you to gently brush the dried leaves off must faster and easier than using scissors.


Does it knock off the trichomes? You bet. So does scissor trimming or merely touching the bud.

Any contact with trichomes damages trichomes. That said, the paddles are resin resistant and brush past in a less damaging way than fingers rotating a bud with scissor trimming. So the answer is *less* than typical scissor trimming. Again if you are surgically trimming with scissors for the Cannabis Cup then use scissors. If you’re wanting to produce any kind of volume use a brush.

It should also be noted that yes, you still need scissors when using a brush to cut stalks and do a little finish work.


Buy: CannaBrush ($30.00)


CannaBrush Homepage


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