Lola Holmes, world’s oldest curler (Canadian Curling)

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A Canadian woman is now a Guinness World Record holder after being confirmed as the world’s oldest living curling player at age 102 years, 37 days.

Curling is a stone-sliding sport played on ice. It is huge in Canada.

Lola Holmes, world’s oldest curler (Canadian Curling)

Born way back in 1918, Lola Holmes hails from Sudbury, Ontario but she is now retired and lives in Vancouver.

She’s been curling since she was 24 years old (1942).

Holmes plays the lead and curl position with the Vancouver Curling Club in the Ladies Seniors League.

I am in the game of curling to win. I love to win games with our teams. I am equally unhappy when I lose,” she said.

Holmes said he was excited to receive the Guinness World Records title. She said she hopes her accomplishment will inspire other seniors to remain active in their later years.

Lola Holmes, world’s oldest curler (Canadian Curling)

Fun Fact:

Curling was invented in Scotland around 1500 AD.

Today’s curling stones are made of granite — but not just any graniteThe stone is sourced exclusively from two locations: the Scottish island of Alisa Craig, and a quarry in Wales.

Lola Holmes, world’s oldest curler (Canadian Curling)

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