Widely considered to be the best non-lethal self-defense product currently on the market, the Byrna HD ain’t playin’.

This compressed air (CO2 cartridge) powered bad boy fires .68 caliber chemical irritant projectiles filled with a mix of tear gas and pepper spray (aka: oleoresin capsicum, ortho-chlorobenzamalonitrile, nonivamidethat) that burst on impact without causing fatality.

Byrna HD

These .68 caliber chemical payload rounds are no joke.

Being shot with a Byrna (pronounced bur-nah) causes respiratory distress and temporary blindness for up to 30 minutes.

A single CO2 cartridge can fire 10-20 projectiles. However, it is recommend that you replace the CO2 cartridge after 2 magazines for maximum performance.

Byrna HD

It allows you to effectively disorient your target from up to 60 feet away.

It looks like a pistol (about the size of a Glock) and comes in 7 different colors (ie: Bright Yellow, Safety Orange, Hot Pink, Desert Tan, Grey, Green, and Black).

Byrna HD


One optional accessory you can get is the Crimson trace laser, which is recommended for accuracy. You can mount it to the picatinny rail.

The Byrna’s compact size, 5-round magazine, laser sight adaptability and point and shoot capabilities will make it a truly effective personal security device for the insane world of today where anything can happen at any moment to anyone anywhere.

Byrna HD

Security Devices International (SDI) has been selling $1-2 million dollars worth of these guns every single day for the past few months.

In September 2020, the company plans to open a U.S. manufacturing facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This would help augment their current one in Pretoria, South Africa.

They also have plans to apply for a listing on NASDAQ.


Byrna HD Tear Gas & Pepper Ball Gun ($360.00)



Byrna HD
Byrna HD


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