annual Burning of Zozobra

Build him and burn him. 

One of New Mexico’s most enduring icons, Zozobra was created in 1924 by legendary artist Will Shuster and is now set ablaze annually by the Santa Fe Kiwanis Club.

One of New Mexico’s most historic traditions, the Annual Burning of Zozobra showcases the Original Burning Man, predating the Black Rock newcomer by 60 years.

annual Burning of Zozobra

An eerie 50-foot tall marionette, Zozobra embodies the gloom built up through this difficult year, moaning and groaning as he battles his mortal enemy, the Fire Spirit brought to life by the collective goodwill of all who yearn for a better world.

Burning your gloom is an easy task for us and we can’t wait to do it for you because we want to send your worries up in smoke with Zozobra.

Zozobra, AKA Old Man Gloom, his bones of wood and wire shrouded in endless yards of muslin, Zozobra is stuffed with an absolute mountain of shredded paper.

Tucked inside his enormous body are slips of paper inscribed with a year’s worth of gloomy thoughts and disappointments, destined to go up in smoke when he is set alight in a fiery extravaganza culminating in the city’s finest fireworks display.

annual Burning of Zozobra

What:          annual Burning of Zozobra

When:         Friday, September 01, 2023

Where:        Fort Marcy Park (490 Bishops Lodge rd, Santa Fe, NM)

Time:         Gates open 4:00 p.m., event lasts until 1:00 a.m.

Cost:          $20.00


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annual Burning of Zozobra
annual Burning of Zozobra
annual Burning of Zozobra

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