Romario “Incredible Hulk” Dos Santos Alves
Romario “Incredible Hulk” Dos Santos Alves

25-year old Brazilian bodybuilder, Romario “Incredible Hulk” Dos Santos Alves, has 25-inch biceps thanks to a dangerous muscle “enhancer” called Synthol.


Synthol is a site-enhancement oil that creates the illusion of developed muscle. It is injected directly into the deltoids and biceps, which is called “fluffing”. You can buy a 100ml bottle of Synthol on Ebay for $75.00.

Pre-Synthol Romario

Unfortunately for Romario, his arms came within inches of the doctor’s amputation knives. Injecting synthol since moving to Goiana, Brazil in 2012 eventually took its toll on Romario and he developed necrosis (ie: death of body tissue) in his biceps from synthol infections.

Pre-Synthol Romario at his security guard job

He claims that after having been spared, he will stop using synthol but is still “experimenting” with injecting other substances occasionally.

After-Synthol Romario

It is possible to become addicted to anything. Addiction/obsession with plastic surgery, bodybuilding, body-enhancement seems to be particularly dangerous. Is having biceps bigger than many people’s torsos actually necessary? What causes this and how can you help people overcome their perceived inadequacies?

Avg. motorcycle weighs about 400-500lbs!

LADIES: do you honestly find this sort of thing attractive: Yes or No? Why or Why Not?

Wacth this 7min video on Romario’s Hulking Out!


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