Blackbeard the Pirate

Beauford Inlet, North Carolina (1718)

British pirate BLACKBEARD steals a French slave ship, adds 40 cannons to it, renames it ‘Queen Anne’s Revenge’ and at some point just abandons the mafucka in Beauford Inlet.

This was of course after he became the “self-appointed” Commodore of Charles Town (Charleston, SC) and formed a flotilla that blocked the town.

His ship was discovered in 1996 and just last month, January 2015, the contents of his ship were released, including a URETHRAL SYRINGE used to treat SYPHILIS. Sounds like a fun time! hell some people for this type of fun now? Let us know what you think of it?

1700’s Urethral Syringe for Syphilis

Huffington Post article on the discovery



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