Big Nude Cruise (photo by Big Nude Cruise)

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Passengers on board this upcoming cruise may be able to fit everything they need into just one carry-on bag. An 11-day nude cruise is being offered for next year on board the Norwegian Pearl.

The “Big Nude Boat 2025,” as it’s being called, is being offered in partnership exclusively between and Norwegian Cruise Line.

It sets sail to and from Miami, Florida from February 3 through February 14, 2025.

The Pearl holds 2,300 passengers and will visit a private island as well as Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, San Juan and Martinique. A cruise experience like this is different, but not all that uncommon. It’s similar to booking a corporate retreat cruise, LGBTQ cruise, or a music festival at sea.

“Full ship charters are popular because it’s essentially a takeover of the ship. The group can customize the experience, including the entertainment, programming, dining and even clothing rules,” Jim Carey, owner of Cruise Holidays told MLive. “On a charter, you’re going with all like-minded people. Everybody who signs up for this is fully aware of the theme and you can’t purchase it directly through the cruise line.”

Big Nude Cruise (photo by Big Nude Cruise)

There are a few rules passengers must comply with on board the Big Nude Boat 2025. Nudity is allowed when the ship is at sea unless an announcement has been made to the contrary. However, when the ship is docked in port, all passengers must be dressed throughout the whole ship, including balconies, until the ship leaves port.

Clothing is required in all dining rooms. Bathrobes don’t count. A clothes-free buffet will be offered on the pool deck. And passengers must sit on a towel or some article of clothing when bare bottomed anywhere on the ship.

No photographs, videos or electronic images of any person may be taken without their consent, whether nude or clothed. There will also be no-photo zones located around the pool and in dance venues.

Prices start at $2,000 per person for an inside state room.


Big Nude Cruise (photo by Big Nude Cruise)

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