Sex Spree at Sea
Sea Going Sex Pot
Jobbie Crew light reading
How to live with a Huge Penis
Dead Whales Can’t Wave Back
Been doing some light Reading….
The Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories
Is it Plugged in, Dickhead?
I Just Don’t Give a Fuck
Tiffany Spreads Her Legs
I Want the Hobo to Watch
Watch me feed this squirrel Ambien
It’s Peyote Time
Been doing some light Reading….

How to make friends and then kill them
Gay Witchcraft
Erotic stories for punjabi widows
Becoming Cliterate
Humus and Homicide
Dr. Seuss Boners
Cannibal Soup: tubbing with the thompsons
Baby’s first recession book
Confessions of a Nurse who chloroformed 76 babies book
Cocaine Consumer’s Handbook book
Disney’s Our Friend the Atom book
My First Cavity Search book
Tale of the Librarian who gave me an STD book
Every wife in sight group orgy book
Torrid Wenches book
30 Day Orgy book
How to Pickup Girls book
Jobbie heavy reader
Slut on the Run
Swamp Bred
The Youngest Harlot
Trailer Park Trash
Jobbie Crew is so sexy


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