We live in the greatest country in the world! Nowhere else can you have some of the parties we have here! Be an adult and tie one on!

Let’s keep the lake clean.

We are not the organizers of Jobbie Nooner, There are none! That’s what makes this party so awesome. Because of that, there is no one to go behind all the pigs and clean up Gull Island. Every year the trash left behind is truly horrible and seems to get worse every year.

Yes, the Sherriff does bring some prisoner trustee’s out on Saturday to help clean up but, if the weather is bad (like it was last year) they do not make the trip and the garbage sits. If everyone would tie on a garbage bag to the back of their boat than people have no excuse to throw their trash on the ground or in the water.

The Crew will be out Sunday before the Moot for an hour or so to do our part to clean up the island. We would love to see some more people join us. Please take an hour and give us a hand and meet new people who truly do care about the lake and Muscamoot Bay! If you need a garbage bag come by the pirate ship and we will have extras both days!

Oh, and yea, pick up your %&*% trash!



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